ShareBox Updates Coming Soon

January 14th, 2021

ShareBox is your most valuable tool as a member and we are always looking for ways to improve the member experience. We will be making some improvements to ShareBox in the coming weeks and these updates will affect two areas within the Medical Expense tab in ShareBox.

The first update will be an enhanced medical expense view. Member submitted expenses and bills will feature a drop down menu. On a submitted expense, members will be able to see these for each expense submitted: 

  • Provider or medical facility
  • Charged amount
  • Member paid amount
  • Expense number
  • Date of service
  • Bill status
  • Member information
  • Reason for visit 
  • Accident/occupational information

The second update will change some of the medical bill statuses, which are intended to provide clearer information regarding bill processing. Beginning in February, members will see a maintenance message while this update takes place in ShareBox. Updates will occur at various times during the month and any outages are expected to be minimal. 

Once the update is complete, members will see for each medical bill resulting from a submitted expense: 

  • Provider or medical facility
  • Charged amount
  • Shareable amount 
  • Member responsibility
  • Bill number
  • Date of service
  • Processing status 

Additional details will be viewable, such as: 

  • Member amount paid
  • Repriced amount 
  • AUA amount
  • Ineligible amount
  • Amount shared
  • Check number
  • Created date 
  • Shared date

These ShareBox updates will provide members with additional information regarding medical expenses and where expenses are in the sharing process.

Please expect to receive an email explaining these ShareBox updates and new statuses in more detail soon.