Liberty HealthShare Members Go Above & Beyond

May 22nd, 2015

Being part of Liberty HealthShare is like joining an extended family made up of people who are committed to helping one another. It is not health insurance, but instead, it is a system of organized medical cost sharing that is allowable under the Affordable Care Act. Liberty HealthShare is a Christian healthcare sharing ministry that exists to enable our members to assist and help one another. Members join knowing the share amount they send each month will go directly toward meeting the needs of other members.

This is a generous group of people who often share their financial blessings even above and beyond their monthly shares. A particular need, crisis, or special case might not meet our standard sharing guidelines, but Liberty HealthShare can spread the word and gather extra contributions to meet that need. Our cost sharing program is member-driven and flexible enough to be able to do this kind of benevolent work on a regular basis.

Many members, called Liberty Partners, are contributors to Liberty Healthshare who don’t receive any funds for their own medical costs. They are simply people who believe in healthcare sharing and want to see it succeed. They make charitable contributions to assist in projects that require special assistance. In addition to providing financial gifts, Liberty Partners often commit to pray for the individuals who are receiving assistance and spread the word to others who may want to help.

There are plenty of examples of times when sharing Liberty Members have also contributed money to help those in need. Although it is beyond the scope of our sharing guidelines, these members contribute to positively impact the lives and health of others. Here are two instances of this:

  • Liberty HealthShare got word of a child who was stricken with Dandy Walker Syndrome but was not a part of the medical cost sharing program. He had the opportunity to go through a treatment process that would likely lead to a cure. Many Liberty HealthShare members made charitable contributions to help pay for that expensive treatment.
  • A Liberty HealthShare member had an extended family member who was not part of the program, but who had a liver condition and needed a transplant. Although this young man was not part of Liberty HealthShare himself, we wanted to help his family as they faced massive expenses. The money Liberty HealthShare members contributed played a significant part in paying for that teen's liver transplant.

There are a variety of projects that Liberty HealthShare identifies over the course of the year and invites members to give to. Regular share amounts always go toward meeting the needs of members according to our sharing guidelines, but members can choose to go above and beyond and give to special projects as well.

If you enroll with Liberty HealthShare, you will be joining a true community of people who care for one another. You can participate in this medical cost sharing community to help pay for your own medical bills and to meet the needs of other members month after month. Our three sharing programs provide flexible options depending on what your budget is and how you would like to share costs.

If you are interested, you can even become a Liberty Partner and give above and beyond to assist with the special causes Liberty HealthShare identifies. Either way, you can take pride in being part of a community of members who are focused on taking care of ourselves and others.