Your Liberty HealthShare Member ID Card

February 12th, 2021

Your Liberty HealthShare Membership ID card is a tool to identify you as an active member of a healthsharing community.

Before receiving care, we ask that our members present their membership ID card to their provider and explain that they are a part of a healthsharing community, where the members share into the medical needs of one another. Ask your provider if they are willing to work with Liberty HealthShare directly. If they do not want to work directly with your healthsharing ministry, then identify yourself as a self-pay patient and ask for a self-pay discount prior to receiving services.

Annually, around the time of your membership renewal date, you will receive a Liberty HealthShare Member ID card for the current year. If you need a new copy of your membership ID card in the meantime, you have 24/7 access to a digital copy in your ShareBox.

Access your digital copy by logging into ShareBox and selecting the Membership tab on the left side of your Dashboard. From there, click Program and you will have the ability to view, download, and print your card for future use.