Congrats to Those Who Completed HealthTrac in December

December 17th, 2020

Congratulations to our members who have completed their HealthTrac journey in the month of December! These members have taken steps to improve their health and well-being for themselves, their families, and the entire Liberty HealthShare community.

Working one-on-one with a personal HealthTrac coach, each member has followed a program to help them in one or more areas, including diabetes, smoking cessation, weight loss, hypertension, heart disease, or high cholesterol. These members have done the hard work over the long term to meet their goals.

Here’s some of what December's graduates had to say about the program and their coaches:

  • "I really appreciated the help and support that I received from my coach, Emily. She provided resources and encouragement that helped make it possible for me to reach my goals."
  • "I have received excellent support, motivation, nutritional information and suggestions for change toward meeting my goals."
  • "With a changed mindset and determination, it’s amazing what you can accomplish... 30lbs lost in 2 1/2 months!"
  • "My assigned coach has been a pleasure to work with."
  •  "I would encourage anyone to take it advantage of this wellness program."
  • "Many thanks to health coach Beth for the encouragement and support!"
  • "Thank you for your support and encouragement. Natalie was a wonderful coach!"
  • Thank you so much for the Health Coaching received to assist me in reaching my goals toward better overall health!
Brad ONeal
Cecil Keene
Chad Packard
Christine Baker
Cynthia Grey
Dan Christian
David Nonu
Don Jones
dwayne Thormahlen
Evan Penso
Gary Owens
Howard Davidson
Jeff Odom
JoAnna Lata
Kelly Brown
Kenneth Bitten
kent Boyer
Kevin Force
Kevin King
Kevin Moore
Mary Hutchins
Pamela Yohe
Paul Weiss
Sharron Sovereign
Steve Faulkner

HealthTrac offers provisional membership and coaching to those who are motivated to make healthy lifestyle changes and want be a part of a caring healthsharing community. One of the benefits of HealthTrac is working with a coach who offers personalized health plans, educational resources, encouragement and support, and collaborative goal-setting.

All of the members below have met their goals and have officially completed HealthTrac. But support does not end at the finish line! We understand that maintaining a positive lifestyle is key to creating and stewarding one of our most valuable resources, our health so our healthcare team checks in with members to provide ongoing support and resources.