Liberty HealthShare and Mobile Membership

October 6th, 2015

Most people dream of retirement. They envision that once the kids are grown, they can sit back and take things a little bit easier. For many, that may be the dream, but for others, the empty-nest years mean a new adventure. This past April, one such couple, Liberty HealthShare members Jerry and Sheila Wise, embarked on their new journey to become work-campers.

The Wise family has always enjoyed RVing, so continuing to camp during retirement made sense! They sold their home, purchased a luxurious RV, and set out to become work-campers. This provided the opportunity to enjoy camping while making some money working at RV parks and visiting places they have never been before. As work-campers, the Wises get to meet people from all walks of life and travel to some of the most beautiful places in the United States. Most recently, they have been working in Tennessee, but will soon depart to Kentucky.

Prior to leaving on their new life adventure, the Wises decided that they needed a portable medical program. While doing some research, they stumbled upon Liberty HealthShare. Jerry says, “The concept of sharing is a wonderful thing.” In addition to being a self-pay program that can be used anywhere, the Wises also like the low cost of LHS.

When they signed up to become members they were enrolled into the provisional plan. However, in just three short months, both Jerry and Sheila met their weight loss goals, with Jerry losing 10 pounds and Sheila losing 20. In fact, according to Jerry, “Sheila is now only having to take one blood pressure medicine as compared to the three she took prior to reducing her weight.” They credit Liberty HealthShare’s Registered Dietician and Health Coach Laura Mayer for helping them during the weight loss process.

Another reason the Wises like LHS is the screenings; an annual physical including blood work, a colonoscopy at the appropriate age, and mammograms done every two years. Jerry declares, “It was the annual physicals which put us on target, knowing that we had to reduce our weight.”

The Wises have already shared the good news about Liberty HealthShare with family members and now plan to share it with fellow campers on their travels. “We really enjoy meeting people at the campgrounds, as everyone is happy when they are on vacation,” states Jerry. He went on to say, “We plan to make sure that everyone we encounter in the future learns about the unique opportunity that Liberty HealthShare offers.”