Liberty HealthShare All-Employee Summit 2016

July 5th, 2016

By Matthew Bellis

If you happened to call Liberty on Tuesday, June 28, you probably reached a message saying we were closed for a Ministry Summit. If you are wondering what such an event entails, allow us to explain.

Liberty HealthShare has exploded in popularity over the past year. We have seen new memberships grow by 500%. The movement of healthcare sharing is expanding all over the country, and we feel so blessed to be among the front-runners of that growth.

As is often the case, growing pains can accompany expansion. One of the "pains" we've recently experienced has been in the area of staffing. Liberty HealthShare has nearly tripled its employee base since last year. That's great news, but with that growth comes the need for ensuring our staff understands the Mission, Vision, and Values of the organization. The only way to do that is to take some time and cultivate an understanding of the ministry.

To that end, the Liberty HealthShare staff took a full day to meet in pursuit of clarity, unity, and purpose in our work. The theme was, "Our C.U.P. Runneth Over." We distributed these cups (left) as a reminder of our discussion.

According to many business coaches, it is of vital importance to instill leadership and empower your employees with the missional information necessary to do their jobs. We want Liberty staff to feel they have the support and authority they need to carry out minor tasks without asking for input every step along the way. We also want them to know that their input and feedback is not only valued but also desired. We want the work they do to be purposeful. This is why we met - to foster a culture of corporate leadership that is built from the ground up.

Each employee is expected to be an advocate for our members. It is very rare for senior staff to be on the phones with our members, so we need to hear from our employees about what they experience on a day to day basis. Therefore, we spent time reminding the staff that each employee is a valued part of solving problems for each individual member.

We also set some time aside for relationship building among co-workers. Thanks to the work of the Center for Relational Leadership, we learned about effective, people-centered leadership techniques. Everyone has a need for relationship and when those aren't met in the workplace, efficiency and teamwork can break down. In the context of our work at Liberty HealthShare, we see the benefit of relational leadership among our staff because it means our members' needs will also be met!

It's easy to simply put in your hours on a typical work day and pay no thought to the ultimate purpose and reason behind what we do at Liberty HealthShare. Yet, we want to regularly take the time to remember why we're here - it's for our members and all the future potential members out there. Hitting a "reset" button and re-focusing on the task at hand infuses passion into our daily work of bringing sanity back to healthcare in our nation. Remember, together, we're changing healthcare... for good!