Liberty Gets "Well Versed"

September 14th, 2016

This past week, Liberty HealthShare Executive Director Dale Bellis attended a pastors' training event hosted by Pastor Jim Garlow, author of Well Versed: Biblical Answers to Today's Tough Issues. This brand-new book does a fantastic job of explaining how we as Americans might best respond to the pressures, policies, and events that impact our lives each day – all in light of the Bible.

In his chapter on healthcare, Pastor Garlow, along with Bellis, highlights Liberty HealthShare as he discusses biblical solutions to our current, flawed healthcare system.

"This is the biblical principle that is found in medical ministry sharing – where Christians come together voluntarily to bear the burdens of one another."

"If you're wondering if this can be done – it already has been done... Christians are both caring for one another and wisely planning for the future."

"Liberty HealthShare is one company that has sought to solve the practical issues of access and personal health responsibility with a subscription-based doctor model...This model incentivizes the doctor to think about your healthcare preventatively, not simply to prescribe a pill for your symptoms in a seven-minute scrutiny."

During the Well Versed event, Bellis was invited to speak on a biblical worldview of healthcare. Not only did he make the concept of Christian healthcare sharing accessible, but he also helped the attenders to understand that it is an achievable way they and their congregations can live out their Christian beliefs right now.

Pastor Garlow shared his reaction to Bellis' comments, saying, "I have moved from an initial reaction of "how does this work?" to find my understanding is growing after hearing Dale's superb presentation. My confidence level (in Christian healthcare sharing) has increased significantly! I make the point in the book that healthcare ought to be the responsibility of the church, and I believe this is how we take that step."

Here at Liberty HealthShare, our members are living proof of our belief that a biblical approach to life – one in which the individual, the Church, and the government occupy their proper "lanes" – is best for everyone. Just as we believe the Bible has something to say about healthcare, we believe it also speaks to the variety of other issues our members face each day, from tax policy to social justice; from terrorism to debt. If you are looking for a concise, accessible resource on these topics and more, visit this site to purchase Well Versed and to learn more about Pastor Garlow's work equipping Americans with answers to the difficult questions we all encounter. We hope this information will be as encouraging and helpful to you as it was to us!