Liberty Finds An Audience At ETCH

October 31st, 2017

From time to time, Liberty sends representatives to conferences and events where we feel it will be worthwhile to share our mission with attendees. To that end, our team attended LifeWay's ETCH Family Ministry Conference in Nashville this past month. ETCH stands for "Equipping the Church and Home," and it is "designed to excite, inspire, and engage" student and family ministry staff and teams from churches all over the nation.

Attending ETCH was a strategic choice because we knew attendees would be people of deep conviction who place a high value on community and identify with our ministry's biblical worldview. Our hope was also that they would take information about Liberty home to their friends and church members and spread the word about our faith-based, community-minded approach to healthcare costs.

We are thrilled to say ETCH did not disappoint! We were happy to find out that the majority of attendees knew about or had at least heard of Liberty HealthShare, leading them to ask great questions in an effort to better understand our work. Liberty staff spent the majority of their time handing out literature and having one-on-one conversations with interested pastors, volunteers, and other ministry staff. Many of them asked for additional program materials so they could take information back to their pastors and churches.

Our hope is that the time we spent at ETCH will help get the word out about our growing ministry. We're always happy to welcome more like-minded people who understand and value both community and ministry. If you are involved in student and family ministry and would like more information about ETCH, visit their website. We had such a great time that we hope to be there again next year!