LHS Wins LPGA Golfer Austin Ernst

March 1st, 2016

Tens of thousands of people of varying ages, cultures, and occupations make up the diverse Liberty HealthShare family. Moms, children, working professionals, students, and even professional athletes are among the like-minded Americans taking charge of their healthcare decisions while enjoying the freedom and community healthcare sharing provides.

For LPGA golfer Austin Ernst, a healthy body and a healthy mind are imperative. As a professional athlete, she can’t afford to take health care lightly; her career depends on it. But life is so much more than a successful athletic career. Austin says she has realized that there truly isn’t just one way to succeed. Sharing our blessings with others in need is paramount to our spiritual health. This philosophy followed her off the course in her search for healthcare options, where she learned about Liberty HealthShare.

Ernst fell in love with our healthcare sharing mission. Banding together, neighbor helping neighbor, is a virtue dear to her heart. Austin, along with other family members, is actively involved with Safe Harbor, a non-profit organization in South Carolina. The charity provides a continuum of services to help victims of domestic abuse and their children. That Liberty HealthShare exemplifies a similar service to our community while also facilitating payment of Austin's eligible healthcare costs made for an easy decision to enroll.

The past four years of traveling on the pro golf circuit have taken Austin to exciting destinations all over the world. One of the challenges of frequent travel is traditional healthcare industry restrictions. Liberty HealthShare enables Austin to use a provider of her own choosing, with no requirement to adhere to a strict network, allowing for a more convenient healthcare experience. Becoming a healthcare sharing member has put Austin in control of her own decisions while alleviating the stress and worry of major medical expenses.

Austin comes from a family that loves the game of golf almost as much as they love helping others. Her father, who taught her to play, has been a club pro for over 25 years! After a successful collegiate career and NCAA championship, Austin began golfing professionally in 2012. After just 2 years competing in the LPGA, Austin won her first tournament in Portland, Oregon in 2014. Austin’s brother, Drew Ernst, competed as a collegiate golfer at Coastal Carolina and is now working alongside his sister as her caddie on the circuit. The family is united in helping Austin to be the best athlete she can be as well as in their common goal to help the community around them.

Austin’s parents were not only relieved that she found a more convenient alternative for her health care costs, but they were also excited that she could join a community that bears one another's burdens. We wish Austin the best – both on and off the course – and are happy to welcome her into our Liberty HealthShare extended family!