Learn About Liberty's Pre-Notification Process

January 18th, 2019

As a non-profit ministry, Liberty HealthShare is committed to carefully stewarding the resources we manage so that our members can effectively share in one another’s eligible medical costs. We seek to accomplish this goal in a variety of ways, but the best weapon in our arsenal is you, the member.

We rely on you to understand and live out the healthcare sharing mentality throughout your interactions with healthcare professionals and providers. Among other things, this means reading, understanding, and referencing the Sharing Guidelines document; maintaining good communication with the Liberty team if and when you have questions; and building a relationship with your doctor by carrying on a respectful and inquisitive dialog with him or her so you can get the care that is most appropriate and cost-effective for you and your family.

Over time, you will likely discover that one of the most important parts of your Liberty HealthShare membership is understanding our pre-notification process. In short, while our Sharing Guidelines document outlines what medical care is eligible for sharing, there is a subset of treatments, surgeries, procedures, and tests that require extra involvement from our team. This is to ensure the care that has been prescribed for you is indeed medically necessary, as well as to help you find the best place to have the care or testing administered, both in terms of cost and quality.

The truth is, many providers simply prescribe next steps because they are what is always done, even if they may not be truly appropriate for your particular case. It is also common for physicians to refer their patients to a certain provider for testing or a procedure simply because of convenience, with no consideration of the cost. Our pre-notification team is ready and able to assist you in finding providers that offer the same or a better level of quality for a lower cost.

We understand that the doctor-patient relationship is personal. We don’t wish to intervene in that important relationship. Rather, we hope to give you the tools you need so your interactions with physicians and other providers can be as well-informed and as healthy as possible. Liberty’s pre-notification process is one such tool.

For more information, watch the video linked below. In it, Ashley Schaefer, Nursing Manager for our pre-notification department, explains what to look for when interacting with your providers, who to call and when, and how pre-notification with Liberty works. We hope you find this helpful.