Indiana Resident Loves Liberty HealthShare!

May 8th, 2015

After working for 30 years in communication electronics, the military, and freight railroading, Indiana resident Larry Jones was fed up with the high cost of traditional healthcare. Between the copays, coinsurance, deductibles, and limited provider choices, he sought something better and more affordable.

One day, Larry heard the host of an internet talk show speak about medical cost-sharing programs as a new way to approach the costs associated with healthcare. That got his attention. Although this new concept of cost-sharing made him hesitant at first, he decided to find out more.

As Larry investigated healthcare sharing ministries he discovered that not all are created equal. Larry encountered an emphasis on the use of conventional doctors and pharmaceuticals, which concerned him. Larry believes strongly in holistic, alternative treatments. The first sharing ministry he joined accepted holistic, alternative, medical treatments as eligible. However, they were not set up to pay medical bills quickly. Additionally, that cost-sharing program wanted the patient to negotiate their own medical bill charges with very little assistance from the organization. Furthermore, the organization handled everything by regular mail, which seemed out-of-date given today's technological advances in communications.

Larry did another internet search and soon discovered Liberty HealthShare (LHS). He appreciated the simplicity of our programs and the fact that we used on-line technology to facilitate our sharing. "From the internet-based electronic ShareBox concept and electronic cost-sharing bill pay to the bill discount program, Liberty HealthShare was a step above", says Larry. "…it was a no-brainer to join," he added.

After joining LHS, Larry was able to use one of the largest hospital networks in his area. This particular system has all the primary and specialty care doctors together in just a few buildings on the hospital campus. As an added bonus, he was pleasantly surprised to learn that the hospital network billing system was already set up to accept LHS with no paperwork hassles. The hospital system includes all the after hour walk-in clinics, hospitals, and individual doctors who use the same billing process. “This added convenience,” states Larry, “…makes going to the doctor very simple, and there are no co-pays.“

In February, Larry learned that Liberty HealthShare members voted to include holistic, medical treatments and procedures in its cost-sharing program. Larry affirms, “LHS is absolutely the best medical cost-sharing ministry out of all of them in the country, hands down." He goes on to say, “LHS will become the largest sharing ministry nationwide because they don’t have the restrictions that the other sharing ministries have.” He also believes that the other organizations will have to make some changes in order to compete with LHS.

Larry now enjoys the medical freedom and that LHS allows, none of which were possible in his former interactions with traditional health insurance. He enjoys telling others about Liberty HealthShare. In fact, someone he spoke with about the program recently decided to become a member. Larry is happy to point others to Liberty HealthShare as they make decisions about their healthcare.