How to Talk With Your Doctor About HealthSharing

October 13th, 2020

Talking to your doctor is an important part of being an active healthsharing member. Communicating with your healthcare providers can help you steward your health, while protecting your sharing community resources.

Whether you are a new to healthsharing or a long-time sharing member, we want to help you have better conversations with your healthcare team and get the most out of your healthsharing membership.

Here are a few tips to use when talking with your doctor about your healthsharing membership:

  • Tell your providers that you do not have insurance. As a Liberty HealthShare member and a member of a healthsharing community, you don’t have health insurance.
  • Explain that you are a self-pay patient. All Liberty HealthShare members, unless they have co-insurance, are uninsured patients who pay for their own care. Our members are not only self-pay patients, they are wise stewards of their healthcare.
  • Point out the differences. We don’t have networks, deductibles, premiums, out-of-pocket-costs or FSAs with Liberty HealthShare. Instead, our healthsharing programs have AUAs, share amounts, Sharing Guidelines and access to a sharing community.
  • Share that Liberty HealthShare is a healthsharing ministry where you and other members share in each other’s eligible medical expenses.
  • Talk to your provider’s team. It’s just as important that your providers understand that you are part of a healthsharing community and how this differs from insurance. 
  • Share that you research and compare the price of healthcare services. If your provider suggests a medical service, explain that you are accountable to your sharing community to research the cost of medical services before scheduling.
  • Ask for a self-pay discount. Explain that you would like a self-pay discount prior to receiving services or treatment.
  • Explain that your sharing community requires an itemized statement, with correct CPT and diagnosis codes, to process your medical expense.  This information also helps protect your healthsharing community from paying for ineligible expenses.
  • Review your chart notes and ask your provider whether the services you received (such as wellness versus diagnostic services) reflect the correct services performed, so that your expenses can process through your sharing community.
  • Let your provider know that he or she can work directly with us and submit expenses on your behalf to your community for sharing.

Explaining your membership as a Liberty HealthShare member may feel difficult at first, but the more frequently you communicate with your healthcare team, the more comfortable and confident you will become in answering questions about healthsharing.