How to Submit a Medical Bill for Sharing

August 8th, 2019

In February of this year, Liberty HealthShare rolled out a new ShareBox platform. This new tool both updates and streamlines the process for submitting bills for sharing and accessing other member account functions.

Even though the new ShareBox has been up and running for over six months, some members may not have accessed the platform yet, and others may have questions about how to submit bills correctly.

It’s a simple process with only a few steps:

  1. Log into your [ShareBox](
  2. Click “Medical” on the menu located on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. In the drop-down menu, click “Expenses.”
  4. Once you are in the Medical Expenses page, click “Submit Expense” on the top right-hand side of the screen.

You will see the following sections that require your attention:

Please Note:

  • You only need to fill out this form if your healthcare professional is not submitting the bill for you.
  • Please complete a separate form for each bill.
  • We require an itemized bill to process the bill correctly.
  • We cannot accept receipts, balance due statements or canceled checks in place of the itemized bill.
  • We will only share with the member when the healthcare professional will NOT accept payment from Liberty HealthShare or when bills are submitted with proof of payment.

Reason for Visit:

Fill this out in detail with up to 2000 characters.

Member Information:

Select the name of the patient/member for whom the medical expense is being submitted.

Accident/Occupational Information:

Check the appropriate box(es) if:

  • Member is covered under health insurance
  • This is a maternity need
  • You are filing a claim or lawsuit against a third party (including an insurance company) in order to recover the cost of expenses incurred as a result of this accident or illness.

If you filled out the accident/occupational information, fill in the date and select whether the accident or illness was due to employment or automobile accident. Include a clear, concise description of the accident or illness in up to 500 characters.

If you made a payment to your provider for the bill you are submitting (proof of payment is required), check the “payment made” box and enter the amount paid.


Upload the supporting documentation. Please note, only certain file types can be accepted (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .pdf, .tiff)

Including the following documents when you submit an expense can help your bill to be shared in a timely manner:

Attachments required:

  • Insurance EOB
  • Proof of payment (if applicable)
  • Negotiated discount
  • Itemized bill (see checklist)

Before you submit, go through this checklist to ensure that you have everything to help your bill move through the sharing process:

Itemized bill checklist:

  • Patient name
  • Type of service/procedure code
  • Charge for the service
  • Date of service
  • Diagnosis code (ICD format)
  • Healthcare professional’s name/credentials address, and NPI (National Provider Identifier)

Once you have confirmed all necessary information is included in your submission, click “Submit.” Keep an eye on your email and periodically check your ShareBox for notifications related to your submission.

Processing will take several weeks, but rest assured, once you submit an eligible bill in the ShareBox, it will begin moving through approvals and on to being shared by your fellow members. 

Please be patient and take note: Resubmitting the same expense may slow down the sharing process.

At Liberty HealthShare, we exist for our members. The ShareBox platform is one way we are working to make it as convenient as possible to submit your eligible medical expenses for sharing. We hope you have a great experience using the ShareBox.

Feel free to bookmark this post and refer to it whenever you need a refresher on the correct way to submit bills for sharing. Thank you for being a member of the Liberty HealthShare community!