How To Discuss Liberty HealthShare With Your Doctor

March 4th, 2015

Presenting your Liberty HealthShare card to your doctor or hospital.

One of the best things about being a member of Liberty HealthShare is that you can visit any doctor and any hospital you choose! With Liberty HealthShare, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor!

Our call center often gets questions from new and potential members about how to discuss Liberty HealthShare when seeing the doctor. We're here to help you through that process.

  1. When you have a medical incident and visit your doctor, they will typically ask for your payment or insurance card.
  2. Tell them, "I’m a self-pay patient, but I am part of a group of people who will help pay my bill. It’s called a healthshare."
  3. Give them your Liberty HealthShare card.
  4. If they have any questions, they can call the inquiry number on the card. Ordinarily, they will simply copy the card and submit the bill according to the instructions on the card.

And that's it. Handling the submission of a healthcare ID card is a process with which the doctor’s office is very familiar.

New Liberty HealthShare members receive their ID cards about a week to ten days after their enrollment date. Your name, membership number, and date of membership, plus customer service phone numbers, are all listed on the front of the card.

The information on the back of the card gives the billing submission address (either electronic or paper), and the reimbursement schedule for the doctor's services. This reimbursement schedule is clearly described on the back of the ID card in a way medical providers understand.

You may encounter a doctor or hospital that has never submitted a bill through our system. In that instance, let them know that we aren't insurance, but that if they have any questions on how the reimbursement structure works, to contact the number on the card. We will work hard to answer all of their questions.

Our reimbursement schedule is called "Medicare Plus." That means that because there is no set standard of pricing by physicians and hospitals nationwide, we have assigned a value - based on the Medicare reimbursement schedule - to every medical procedure for which a physician may bill. This is a pricing structure physicians readily understand and accept.

Physicians benefit from our pricing and reimbursement schedule in a number of ways:

  1. The reimbursement is fair, reasonable, and prompt.
  2. It avoids payment surprises. The doctor’s office manager does not have to plead their case with a faceless payer and spend countless hours juggling phone calls.
  3. As a self-pay patient, treatment decisions are made between you and your doctor, without any bureaucratic middlemen getting involved.

Dr. Elaina George described the physician's perspective this way. "The thing that I can't stand the most is to go through the entire pre-certification system, get the approval, play the game, give the notes, be on hold for hours on end, get the call dropped, call back, and then do the procedure, and have it denied after the fact. That's not something I have to worry about as a patient or doctor with Liberty HealthShare."

Be confident when you visit your doctor! You are presenting an easily understood reimbursement system that is easy to use and presented in terms familiar to your doctor, with the treatment decision maker (you) on the premises!