Helpful Member Advice on Low-Cost Vaccinations

October 13th, 2019

Thanks to Liberty HealthShare member Frances Marken, who made a suggestion about obtaining free or low-cost vaccines based on a program available to her in Texas.

Since we are a health-sharing community, it is imperative that we all be the best possible stewards we can of our finances. As shown in 1 Peter 4:10 (ESV), “As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.” Frances takes this obligation seriously, and wanted to share her suggestion regarding low-cost vaccinations.

“Vaccines cost a ridiculous amount of money most of the time, even for babies,” Frances said. “Since Liberty is not insurance, members should be taking advantage of their state’s vaccine program, which offers all the vaccines needed at a steeply discounted rate, if not free. There are stipulations about insurance caps, but since we don’t have insurance, your family should be eligible.

“I have done this several times. A receipt is even provided with a code number allowing submission for reimbursement by Liberty, depending on if your AUA has been met!”

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention administer the Vaccines for Children program, which offers vaccines at no cost to eligible children through certain health care providers. According to the CDC, children age 18 or younger who are uninsured and underinsured are among those eligible for the program.

The CDC states that there are more than 38,000 providers enrolled in the Vaccines for Children program nationwide. It does note that while vaccines are free, some providers may charge other fees related to the visit, such as charges for an office visit, giving a shot, or other non-vaccine services.’s “How to Pay” page provides vaccination resources for adults and children. Near the bottom of the page is a list of links to your state’s health department, as well as a link to a tool to help you search for a federally-funded health center near you that may offer sliding fees for vaccines based on your income. The HealthMap Vaccine Finder is another great resource to help find a local vaccine center, and Verywell Health has a good article with suggestions on free or low-cost vaccinations.

As members of a health-sharing community, we have made a commitment to healthy living and responsible healthcare spending. Please remember to do some comparison shopping before obtaining any healthcare service, as this serves the best interests of everyone in our community. One way to help your search is to use the Healthcare Bluebook, now available in your ShareBox or by downloading the app in Google Play or the App Store. Help with the Healthcare Bluebook can be found in our Aug. 8, 2019 blog post.

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Thank you for taking control of your healthcare and being a part of the Liberty HealthShare community!