Healthy Aging Tips

September 22nd, 2021

September is Healthy Aging Month, and we want to celebrate the month by encouraging you to adopt healthy habits. Individuals who maintain a healthy lifestyle may decrease illness and sustain vibrancy as they age. 

Incorporate these healthy foods and activities into your schedule to improve your physical, mental, and spiritual fulfillment.

Healthy aging foods

o Blueberries 

o Blackberries 

o Raspberries

 o Strawberries 

o Cranberries 

o Broccoli 

o Cabbage 

o Cauliflower 

o Brussels sprouts 

o Spinach 

o Sweet potatoes 

o Nuts o Avocado 

o Olive oil 

o Lean protein (turkey, chicken) 

o Fish (salmon, tuna) 

o Eggs o Beans 

o Whole grains 

o Low-fat dairy

Healthy aging activities

o Reduce sitting 

o Increase your daily physical activity 

o Do low-impact, strength exercises 

o Practice healthy behaviors 

o Don’t smoke o Reduce sugar 

o Eat more fruits and vegetables 

o Maintain a healthy weight 

o Plan your preventative care 

o Decrease stress 

o Take technology breaks 

o Get outside 

o Get sufficient sleep 

o Stay hydrated 

o Eat a wholesome diet 

o Engage in new hobbies 

o Cultivate supportive friendship 

o Help others who are in need 

o Pray gratitude prayers