HealthTrac Coordinator, Cindy Hawkins, Answers Your Questions About HealthTrac

September 16th, 2020

The Liberty HealthTrac program is designed to help guide our members in creating healthier habits by offering provisional membership to individuals who have chronic health conditions. While some of these conditions may be long-term, many of them will respond to healthy lifestyle changes. Over the years, many Liberty members have successfully completed the HealthTrac program and enjoyed the rewards of adopting healthier habits. We interviewed Cindy Hawkins, our HealthTrac Coordinator in our Wellness Department at Liberty HealthShare to get her perspective on the benefits of being a HealthTrac member.

How HealthTrac works

The HealthTrac program is designed for Liberty HealthShare applicants who have a pre-existing condition and want to be a healthsharing member. Hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity or smoking are all conditions that qualify an individual for HealthTrac and gives them an opportunity to be placed on a provisional membership.

These five pre-existing conditions can lead to higher medical expenses for our collective sharing community, which is why it is so important to work toward achievable health goals to improve changeable conditions. Provisional memberships allow members to participate in healthsharing while working towards their health goals.

HealthTrac works alongside your health team

Our HealthTrac members are given the support they need to succeed.

When an individual agrees to join our HealthTrac program, both the member and the health coach work together to create a personalized health plan. Rather than creating a goal that can’t be reached, they set realistic, achievable goals that are suited for their health condition which the member feels comfortable with. Members who work with and communicate with their coaches often reach their goals sooner.

Some members ask if HealthTrac requires a large time commitment to work with a coach. Our answer is this is not necessarily true – while dedication helps our members reach their goals, the amount of time it takes to reach a goal depends on each individual and their commitment to creating healthy habits and a healthier lifestyle.

Our HealthTrac program remains flexible to help our members succeed. For instance, if a member is having difficulty meeting a health goal, they can discuss it with their coach. If a member is having trouble connecting with or talking to their coach, they can request a new coach at any time. 

How can a member be successful in the HealthTrac program?

If the member has any questions about reaching their HealthTrac goals, it is strongly recommended a member writes them down and asks their coach during a call. Their coach has the information and resources to help.

Health coaches offer our members guidance to successfully complete HealthTrac. They know what is required to complete the program and they are skilled in helping to keep members on track. Therefore, to be successful and become a Liberty HealthShare member, it is critical to work closely with your health coach. The coach is an important part of the member’s support system. Being an active participant, listening and working with your coach, will give you the best chance to achieve your goals and successfully complete the program.

What members often don’t know is that HealthTrac is available to ALL of our members -- whether you want to lose weight, have been recently diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, or have had a heart attack, our HealthTrac program is here to help.

If you have an interest in joining HealthTrac or you are current HealthTrac member and have questions regarding the program, please give us a call at 855-585-4237. Our team is happy to serve you.