Good Stewardship of Medical Costs Protects HealthSharing Members

July 15th, 2020

Engaging and communicating openly with providers is a personal responsibility for each member of our healthsharing community. Upon joining Liberty HealthShare, our members agree to be good stewards of their health and medical expenses, as it’s important to be an active participant in your healthcare to help to reduce medical costs for you and our community.

Liberty offers many resources to support you in lowering your medical expenses, and by doing your part, you can contribute to protecting our community SharePower. At Liberty, we use the term SharePower to define the sum of total contributions given by our community to share into each other’s needs. It is important to remember that membership to Liberty is entirely voluntary and our members have limited resources. To make sure our resources are available to help the most people, all members must commit to being good stewards of the shared amounts contributed by other members.

While our members practice good habits like price shopping for quality care with Healthcare Bluebook  and using Liberty TeleHealth to receive cost-efficient care for common illnesses, Liberty works alongside our members to protect the community’s SharePower. We do this by facilitating the sharing of members’ contributions to fair, reasonable expenses that are in accordance with our Sharing Guidelines.

Cost Transparency

Currently, in the healthcare industry, cost transparency can be limited and confusing for patients. We work to overcome this by ensuring that you receive a fair price for yourself and our healthsharing community.

Before receiving care, we ask that our members first show their Liberty ID card, explain their membership with Liberty HealthShare and ask if their provider is willing to work with Liberty. If you need a replacement ID card, you can request one in your ShareBox within the Membership tab under the Program heading.

If your provider is not willing to work directly with Liberty, you should identify yourself as a self-pay patient and ask for a self-pay discount prior to receiving any services. Healthsharing members are considered self-pay patients in the healthcare industry and should always ask for self-pay discounts.

Price Analysis for Reasonable Pricing

If you do not ask for a discount prior to being treated, your provider may bill you or Liberty for the full price. When this occurs, Liberty will reach out to your provider to initiate a price analysis process. In this instance, Liberty will begin to review your cost of services for fair and reasonable pricing and negotiate your charges to a more reasonable price. This process may take additional time, which may affect the sharing timeline of your medical expenses. If your provider will not accept fair pricing for your medical bill, our healthsharing community may be asked to share more than a reasonable amount for a service reducing our collective power to share.

Per our sharing guidelines, if you pay full price at the time of service, you may be responsible for unreasonable charges.

You can help to avoid being unfairly charged for services by actively communicating with your provider and facilities. When you open the line of communication about your status as a self-pay healthsharing member, you can help to set clearer expectations, lower costs and have an overall better healthcare experience.

We are all in this together because we believe in the power of our faithful healthsharing community! Let’s continue to work together by being resourceful and supporting each other to be good stewards of our healthcare costs.