Goal Setting Tips for the New Year

January 14th, 2021

Goal Setting Tips for the New Year

Like many others, you may be considering setting new goals for 2021. While new goals at the beginning of the year can motivate you, you can also easily lose momentum if the goals you set don’t continue to motivate you past February.

This year, we encourage you to take time to assess your needs and set fresh, personal goals that energize you. When we create goals that are unique to us, we are more motivated to stick with them, even in trying times.

Here are a few ideas for setting goals in the New Year

Consider a theme-based goal

If you want to do something this New Year, but don’t have a  specific goal in mind that you want to reach, consider setting a theme-based goal. This type of goal can be freeing, especially for people who don’t enjoy setting measurable goals. Choose an overarching theme you would like to reflect on this year and enjoy the freedom it offers you.

Choose a word for the year

Similar to a theme-based goal, choosing a word at the beginning of the year can clarify your goals and help you make intentional decisions throughout the entire year. There are many ways you can pick a word for the year, such as writing out a list of words that inspire you, reading scriptures that encourage you, or reflecting on changes that help you grow as a person.

Look at what’s possible

When considering your goals, view your life from a larger lens. Ask yourself reflection questions that allow you to consider a goal that may have seemed impossible in past. Our healthsharing members looked past the constraints of traditional health insurance and caught a vision for what their healthcare could look like by being a part of a community that cares for one another.

Do more of what you enjoy

After 2020, we all need a year filled with more happiness, relaxation and fun. Don’t stress so much over goal-setting that you forget to be mindful and enjoy the simple things, such as walking in nature, laughing with your children, and adding humor into your day. Consider making a list of activities or things you want to do this year that will make you happier and more emotionally fulfilled.

Think about how you can give to others

There’s no better goal than to create meaningful goals that help others. Studies show that when we give, our happiness increases. Giving doesn’t need to be stressful or time-consuming: we can give cheerfully out of the everyday resources we have. Whether you volunteer at your church, take a meal to a neighbor, teach a skill to a child, or offer help to a friend in need, your kindness to others transcends any goal you could set or achieve.

This year avoid overwhelming yourself with trying to do too many things at once. Assess your current lifestyle and set goals that inspire you and encourage you to build a life that makes you feel happy and fulfilled.