Freedom In My Healthcare Choices

August 17th, 2017

Liberty HealthShare members make up a unique group of people who have chosen to abandon traditional methods of paying for their healthcare and, instead, voluntarily share in medical costs with one another.

We love hearing about our members' experiences with healthcare sharing and sharing those stories with a wider audience. It's encouraging for our staff and current members to know that their contribution is making a difference. Testimonials also offer a great opportunity for prospective members to learn more about us as they consider how to proceed in their healthcare decision-making.

Ayla Brown is a recording artist and former NCAA basketball player who recently joined the Liberty HealthShare community as a sharing member. Because of her demanding travel and performance schedule, there's no time for illness or having to worry about networks when she needs to see a doctor. That makes Liberty HealthShare a great choice for her, on or off the road.

Ayla recently sent us a testimonial about the first time she needed to submit an expense through her ShareBox. Here is her experience, in her own words:

I love being with Liberty HealthShare because I finally have freedom in my health care choices!

I was told about LHS by a very close friend, and I went to their website to learn more. For a variety of reasons, I ultimately decided it was a good fit for me.

I read and learned that once you have a medical issue, you simply visit your doctor, submit the bills in your personal "ShareBox," and through this cost-sharing program, Liberty Health Share members pay your bill for you.

I didn't know how this system would work until I had to go to the doctor's office this past week. I sang on a different microphone that was not my own and I instantly got sick from it. The day after the show I went to an express clinic to get a strep throat test (it was negative thank goodness!). I paid my expenses at the clinic, saved my bills, and submitted them in my ShareBox. It was so easy!

Now I am waiting to see what the post-submission process is like, so stay tuned on that. But most importantly, I am feeling much better, and I learned a lot about how Liberty Health Share works, not only online, but for my crazy travel schedule!

Read more about them and join at

We're so glad Ayla joined our growing community of like-minded individuals. Her experience is a great example of why being a Liberty HealthShare member can make life easier for someone with a busy schedule. Thanks for taking the time to send this note, Ayla! We're glad you're a member.