First Member Meet-up is a Success

April 9th, 2018

Here at Liberty, we love to meet and get to know our members better. One way we are looking to increase these interactions is through occasional, regional "Member Meet-Up" gatherings. On the evening of March 20, members of our Communications Department hosted the first meeting of this kind at a restaurant in Tampa, Florida. As it was our first event, we weren't quite sure what to expect, but we're glad to say the evening went wonderfully. There was a strong turnout, with non-members making up about a quarter of attendees.

An Informal Gathering

The evening's agenda included a short address from Executive Director Dale Bellis, a question-and-answer time, giveaways, games, and prizes. This informal gathering not only gave attendees an opportunity to interact with one another, but it also gave them the chance to talk with Dale and our Communications staff about membership with Liberty.

During the Q & A time, attendees had an opportunity to get clarity on various aspects of membership and how we administer our Sharing Guidelines. Most members prefaced their questions with an impromptu testimonial about their experience with Liberty, sharing why they are glad to be members and what led them to join us.

One attendee shared that he has been a member for four years. In an ever-changing healthcare industry and economy, it's encouraging for our staff to meet someone who has believed in our mission strongly enough to maintain a membership for that long! Our hope is that those non-members who were in attendance came away better informed about our ministry and that the real-life experiences that were shared might lead them to consider membership with us in the future.

An unscripted and fun moment came when Chief Communications Officer Matt Bellis received a FaceTime call from his wife, who was calling so she and their three children could have bedtime prayers together. Matt took the call, inviting attendees to join him and his family as they prayed together. This is the heart of who we are at Liberty HealthShare - people who support one another as we all navigate life, with an emphasis on shared beliefs and community.

Future Meet-Up Events

We were pleasantly surprised by not only the turnout but also the tone of this evening. We are planning to hold more events like this across the nation, roughly once a quarter. Our hope is that these gatherings will invite more personal investment from members, that they will continue to draw non-members who wish to learn more about us as an organization, and that they will allow members to connect with one another on a deeper level.

Liberty HealthShare exists for our members. We hope these member meet-up events will increase our reach and demonstrate to attendees our desire to know them and hear their stories. We know this community is made up of thousands of unique individuals and we're thrilled to have an opportunity to put faces with those names.

If you don't already follow us on Facebook, make sure to like our page so you don't miss future announcements about member events in your area. We hope to meet you sometime soon!