First Annual "Run For Your Health" At The Akron Marathon!

October 3rd, 2014

The Liberty HealthShare relay team embarks on a new health challenge.

The Liberty HealthShare "Run for Your Health" Team: Brandi Heim, Brandon Fabris, Peter Backer, Executive Director Dale Bellis, and Robyn Hughes.

In keeping with our commitment to good health, Liberty HealthShare staff, members, and supporters formed a five-person relay team to run in the Akron Marathon on September 27, 2014.

The Akron Marathon is the largest five-person relay in the United States. Relay teams run alongside the traditional marathon course, with varied relay legs to fit each fitness level. Participation broke records, with 15,000 runners at this year's event.

"It was a gorgeous day", said Robyn Hughes. "My favorite part was getting to run with Dale Bellis, the Executive Director of Liberty HealthShare. It was great to see how passionate he is about his own health and about living out the values of Liberty HealthShare".

Though our team of runners ranged in experience from seasoned marathon runners to first-timers, they all have something in common. Each member shares the Liberty HealthShare mindset, placing value on an active lifestyle, healthy diet, and refraining from practices that can harm the body. The team members supported and encouraged each other, working together to reach their goal.

Brandi Heim said, "It was great! The cheering from the crowd was awesome, and working together as a team was very motivating!"

We encourage all of our members to find a local run and organize a "Run For Your Health" team. If you do, please send your experience to You may be featured in our newsletter!