Find Quality Health Providers Who Offer You Fair Pricing

August 8th, 2019

Many people don’t spend time thinking about the cost of their healthcare. The reality is that for a variety of reasons, most healthcare consumers rarely even see the true price for the procedures, tests, and treatments they undergo.

It may come as a shock to you that there is no standardization of healthcare costs in the United States. Unlike in other parts of the market, hospitals and other providers don’t necessarily have to compete for customers, so they can arbitrarily set their prices. As a result, a test or procedure could vary in cost by up to ten-fold depending on the facility where it is conducted!

Despite the mystery that has shrouded medical pricing for decades, calls for more transparency in hospital and provider pricing have increasingly been in the news in recent months. As more patients (and providers) take a stand for common sense in the healthcare industry, others are taking notice.

Many healthcare consumers have turned to healthcare sharing as at least a partial solution to their problem. They see that the current system is deeply flawed, so they have chosen a different path and found a great deal of freedom in taking responsibility for their care and the costs associated with it.

But making this shift in mentality requires time, effort, and a commitment to stand up to those who believe there is only one way to approach healthcare costs. Here at Liberty HealthShare, we understand that one of the best things we can provide to our members is information and lots of it. When members join us, we ask them to change the way they approach healthcare, and we try to provide them with the tools they need to be successful.

As part of our ongoing effort to equip our members so they can wisely shop for their care, we are sharing another valuable resource. As of August 1st, members now have access to the Healthcare Bluebook. This online searching solution makes it possible for self-pay patients to search for, compare, and, ultimately, save on healthcare costs.

There are two ways you can access and use Healthcare Bluebook:

1. Click on the Healthcare Bluebook logo inside your ShareBox. This will take you directly to your Liberty Member-specific page, logging you in automatically.

2. Download the mobile app in the App Store or on Google Play. When using the app for the first time, you will need to give your zip code and click “My Employer Provides Bluebook.” Under “Company Code or Mobile Access Code,” type “liberty” and click “Go.” Next, you will be asked to fill in your last name and date of birth. Finally, click “Go” again.

Once you are logged into the platform, you can search by procedure, provider, or hospital. Using the ranked results, you can determine with whom and where to access the best quality care at the fairest price. One of the many ways this information will be helpful is that you can bring it to your doctor and decide—together—how to proceed with your care in the wisest way. 

Liberty HealthShare members have already taken the crucial step of reclaiming responsibility for—and freedom in—their healthcare. Healthcare Bluebook is just one way we want to thank and encourage you as you seek out the best care for the best price. It’s how we care well for one another as members of this community. We hope you enjoy using this new tool!