Filled with Blessings at Thanksgiving

November 15th, 2021

For many of us, Fall is our favorite season of the year. Cooler weather, the beauty of falling and colorful leaves, apple cider, pumpkin pie, and the main event, Thanksgiving, are all causes for reflection and thankfulness for God's blessings. 

Many of us will gather, feast, and say "grace" in a few weeks. It's the ideal time to count our blessings. 

We don't have to wait until the day of Thanksgiving, and we can begin to prepare our hearts and minds to start looking now for the blessings we receive each day.

I know many of you have struggled with personal challenges that include health, financial issues, broken relationships, and unique challenges within your families. 

How do you feel blessed or celebrate your blessings when life can be troublesome?

The Old Testament character by the name of Job is an extreme example of devotion and tenacity. No matter what the devastation, he would not turn his back on God. Deaths, financial ruin and the scorn of others did not keep him from thanking and blessing God. 

I am praying that we all remember the miracles of our lives and take time to communicate our gratefulness to God. 

While it's true that the last few years were difficult for our nation, we still live in a land of opportunity and great blessings. Breath, life, work, food, family, friends and even heat in the winter are all remarkable gifts we live with every day. 

So, how can we recognize our blessings? We can start by making a gratitude list, reviewing it often, and reminding ourselves of the goodness that we have. 

Sometime this season, maybe around your Thanksgiving dinner table, raise your eyes toward heaven and express your heartfelt appreciation for all of the blessings that you have received. 

You will be genuinely filled full when you do. 

Pastor Wes Humble, is the Executive Director of Ministry and Community Relations at Liberty HealthShare. Wes’s writings can be found in the Liberty HealthShare newsletter each month. We encourage you to allow God to be part of your daily journey. If you would like prayer for yourself or a family member from our Pastoral Care Team, you can request prayer inside your PrayerBox, found inside your member ShareBox.