Exercise Your Freedom Today

December 6th, 2017

When we’re just kids, running and playing with our friends is second nature. When we're free to choose how and when we will play, we have almost limitless energy, but as we get older, something shifts. Usually, no thanks to gym class, we no longer run because it’s fun, but rather because the teacher standing on the track is using his stopwatch to rate our performance.

This kind of shift happens in our finances, too. Say you learn how to save money at a young age. Eventually, you earn enough to buy something you want and with that purchase comes a sense of pride and accomplishment. Later in life, though, requirements on our finances are less about what we want to do and can make it feel like our money isn’t really ours.

This is also true as far as our health goes. When you understand what health is for and just how valuable it is, you take better care of it. And when you get a choice in how you will steward your health and the money you spend on it, you are likely to feel more satisfied with your experience. Where healthcare is concerned, especially in recent years, there are a myriad of ways in which we are told what to do. It is possible to go another way, though; a way that respects and fosters freedom and responsibility.

With Liberty HealthShare, you can take matters back into your own hands by joining a community of like-minded people who share the costs of one another’s medical bills. By returning to an established and longstanding method of meeting the costs of healthcare, members are able to restore principles of stewardship to their health and their interactions with the healthcare system. By bearing one another's burdens, they also enjoy real and vibrant community with fellow members.

Members are free to engage with the healthcare industry in the way they think is best because there is no third party dictating how they should pursue health for themselves and their loved ones. Members are also exempt from the fines and penalties of the ACA, and they are not constrained by networks.

If you are ready to decide for yourself how to care for your health, exercise your freedom and join Liberty HealthShare. You can join at any time throughout the year. To learn more, visit our website.