Everything You Need To Know About Healthcare, You Learned In Kindergarten

June 16th, 2014

Liberty HealthShare brings like-minded individuals together to share in each other’s medical expenses. It’s voluntary, cooperative, and supportive.

The primary motivation that makes Liberty HealthShare succeed is compassion - people helping people! We appeal to the best of the American spirit - the attitude that says it is good to help others, to pitch in, to share, and to be of assistance; things we learn as early as kindergarten. This goes hand in hand with the individual responsibility and self-determination that have characterized our nation's history.

Over the last several decades, we've seen time and time again how crisis brings out the best in us. When a child fell into a well, we all held our breath until she was rescued. When miners were trapped thousands of feet underground, caring people turned out in force to get them out. When natural disasters occur, people just like you from all over the country give and pitch in to help the victims rebuild.

Liberty HealthShare harnesses these qualities to make possible the sharing of healthcare costs. Medical needs can feel like a crisis in their own right, so it's great to know there are other like-minded people who are there to help in your time of need. Most importantly, you’ll experience the joy of knowing that your dollars are directly helping another person in their time of need.

The Bible says, “It is better to give than to receive.” In the same way, when you send your monthly share amount, you experience the satisfaction that only comes from giving to a fellow member in need. Your personal funds are being used to help in a time of crisis. That’s something no one can take away!

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