EOS and Subject to Change

August 17th, 2021

There is so much value that comes with being a member of Liberty HealthShare, including the convenience of having a personalized, secure portal, ShareBox, to manage your healthsharing membership. One important aspect of membership is the medical expense submission process. Our members can use ShareBox to submit the required information such as receipts, itemized bills that include medical codes, visit and provider information. These items help us to protect our community from sharing into medical expenses that are unreasonably priced or not eligible for sharing.

We serve our members by doing our part to facilitate the sharing between members. If information is missing from a member’s submitted expense, they receive a notification explaining what is required for submission. During the medical expense submission process, ShareBox provides the available status of the expense, and when we receive additional information, this status may change.

Liberty HealthShare provides an EOS (Explanation of Sharing) which helps our members understand the detail of a medical expense after processing, including the amount eligible for sharing and a member's responsibility.

Because of member and provider requests, the EOS was made available for viewing prior to the bill actually being completed or shared. Our expense processing system is fluid and in certain instances, if we receive additional information related to the expense, it may affect sharing eligibility. Because of this, the EOS that is available before processing is finalized will include the notation 'subject to change' until processing is finalized.