Dorsey Morrow, Liberty HealthShare's Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

November 15th, 2021

On October 22, 2021, Liberty HealthShare announced the installation of Dorsey Morrow as Liberty HealthShare's Chief Executive Officer (CEO). 

Before installation as CEO, Dorsey served in the role of Senior Executive Officer, and he actively led the ministry's strategic plan and growth strategy to advance our healthsharing programs and processes. 

Dorsey is committed to implementing significant changes and increasing member trust in Liberty HealthShare. 

"We have implemented several initiatives to address our healthsharing process that will streamline operations, improve our ministry and, over time, decrease our sharing times," said Dorsey. 

"I'm confident that our updated sharing programs will more accurately reflect the reality of today's rising costs in the healthcare market. My first and foremost priority is meeting our members’ needs and enhancing their strength to share medical expenses with one other." 

Thank you for joining us, with expectation and confidence, on the path forward.