Saying Yes to God in Uncertain Times

January 14th, 2021

Wes Humble, Executive Director of Ministry and Community Relations, talked to us about 'The Divine Yes' and following the word of God through the most uncertain times.


What does a 'Divine Yes' mean?

One thing is certain for every person that is alive on this planet, there will be times of great uncertainty.  

I've watched some people over the last year who have lost loved ones that were not supposed to die. They weren't old enough. They weren't sick enough. Yet, something happened that took their life unexpectedly.

Death, divorce, hate, abuse, neglect, contempt, anger or bitterness, personal attacks -- all these can leave us with a lot of pain and hurt. Sometimes we have no choice in the matter, but things happen to us and we are trusting God with our life.

E. Stanley Jones was a United Methodist missionary and when he came down to the last 14 months of his life, he had a pretty severe stroke. He lost the use of a lot of things that he had relied on, including one of his arms, and his daughter had to provide and care for him.

At the beginning of that 14 months, he said to her, “I can't die. I've got to finish this book.”

Well, the book that he was writing turned out to be The Divine Yes. Even in the midst of his catastrophic situation and the loss of the ability to do things that have taken him all around the world, he was still saying yes to God. He was still saying a divine yes, even when his world had turned upside down.

 'For all the promises of God find their yes in him. They find their yes in Christ.'

I've watched some very close friends, as I said, this past year, go through some real suffering. I've watched them wrestle with their faith. I've watched them ask questions and listen to them say, “Why did God let this happen? Where was God in all of this?” It's easy to do that.

In the word of God, there are men and women who experienced upheaval in their life. They were in trouble, but because they said yes to God and his plan, life took on a whole other round for them. They were blessed in many ways.

  • I think of Noah responding with a divine yes to a God, who said, “Build this boat that nobody had ever seen the likes of when it's going to rain.” And he didn't have all the answers. But it was a divine moment and a 'divine yes'.
  • I think of Joseph in the Old Testament, who felt God saying to him as a young man, “You're going to do great things for me.”
  • I think sometimes of Elijah, the prophet, one of my personal favorites.
  • I think of the 12 disciples.
  • Jesus, of course, is our great model. If you don't think it bothered him, then you haven't read the scriptures.

I have a word for you today that I believe the Lord wants us all to hear. We are living in days of uncertainty. There's a lot of uncertainty in our capital. Even today, as I'm coming to you, there's uncertainty in states, there's uncertainty over Covid-19, there's uncertainty in your personal life.

What I believe with all of my heart is that God is still in charge and he's still in control. It may not look like it on the outside and life may not look like you and I want it to look. But he knows what's going on. He knows exactly where you are. And he knows how to help and sustain us through these great moments.

Keep saying yes.

Let God come near and close to you today. He loves you. And that's our word for you today.

Let me pray for you 

Father, I thank you so much for the men and women and even children that may watch this along the way that are struggling with things. You know what people deal with. You know every person who will watch this and who will take it in, who will think about it, Lord, I pray that you would give us the courage to follow you, to not get discouraged, to not leave the trail that we are following when we follow you, but to say yes, to keep saying yes, the 'divine yes' for everything. Lord, all your promises are yes through you.

Thank you, Jesus for Liberty HealthShare, and I pray that this will be a great year of taking care of one another and helping one another as our members do through their physical needs. Lord, I just ask that you give us your presence throughout this year in our lives and in this ministry. In your name, I pray. Amen


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Pastor Wes Humble, Executive Director of Ministry and Community Relations