Dale Bellis Takes The Main Stage

March 3rd, 2017

Liberty HealthShare Executive Director Dale Bellis recently took the main stage at CPAC 2017 in Washington, DC, bringing a message about patient rights and freedom to a live audience of several thousand, and to countless online and television viewers.

Beginning his speech with a review of the current state of healthcare in America, he cited examples of the crippling effects of the unsustainable, third-party payer model. Dale told the story of one man whose government mandated healthcare costs are so high that he cannot even afford to see a doctor. In relating this real-life example, Dale revealed in a simple way just how broken the current system truly is. He moved on to explain what he has observed are the main systemic flaws in the way healthcare is being managed and paid for in our nation, meeting with vocal audience agreement when he stated the truth: “that kind of system is unsustainable, and it must change.”

Don’t worry – Dale didn’t leave the audience there. Fueled by a passion for his life’s work in healthcare administration and medical cost sharing, Dale shifted to a hopeful and encouraging note. As he expanded on the foundational premises that animate healthcare sharing, he made the case for why the best path to American healthcare reform is by empowering the American people. In this way, he was able to raise up healthcare sharing as a positive alternative for both patients and providers who have had enough with the top-down, bureaucratic model we’ve lived with for so long.

Dale was able to bring this point home as he shared the incredible story of Christine Lloyd, a Liberty HealthShare member who, when faced with a health crisis, was able to make the best decisions for her health because she is a Liberty member. Because she was not subject to the confines of a network or other bureaucratic constructs that could limit and direct her care, she and her family were able to seek out the wisdom they needed to make informed decisions she could live with – literally.

Drawing to a close, Dale invited the thousands in attendance at CPAC to investigate healthcare sharing and find out if it is a good fit for them; to boldly live out their values by choosing healthcare freedom and the exercise of their right to economic and religious expression through their healthcare choices. Ramping up to an inspiring finish, Dale left the applauding audience with these words: “May healthcare freedom ring!”