​CPAC Healthcare Panel With Dale Bellis

March 3rd, 2017

After Liberty HealthShare Executive Director Dale Bellis' delivered a rousing speech at CPAC, he served as a panelist in a session entitled "Recovering from Obama Flu: What is the Prescription for Healthcare?" Dale's professional background made him an excellent addition to the panel, and his fellow panelists also contributed an impressive list of healthcare credentials with regard to both policy and administration.

As the title suggests, this panel was focused on the healthcare legacy of President Obama; otherwise known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Dale and the other panelists had in common a focus on returning healthcare freedom to individuals as the best remedy for our current, broken system - an approach with which Liberty HealthShare members can wholeheartedly agree. Where they differed is that the other panelists largely emphasized reforming our existing insurance model.

As you might imagine, Dale brought a decidedly fresh and unique answer: what if Americans exercise their freedom to leave the insurance structure entirely and instead engage in community, sharing medical costs with others of like mind? It was a clarifying moment. In just a few words, Dale clearly stated the best response to what the last several years have wrought in our nation's healthcare system: rather than reinvent the wheel, what if we leave the failing model behind and pursue a biblical, commonsense answer about which people can feel great.

As the session wrapped up, the moderator asked the panelists whether they believe the ACA will be repealed. They all answered in the affirmative, but perhaps the answer with the greatest impact was the unspoken one: for members of a healthcare sharing ministry, the answer to this question does not matter. Healthcare sharing precedes the ACA, it has existed throughout the rollout and implementation of the ACA, and it will persist long after. God's model for humanity - a community of people joining together to care for one another in times of need - supersedes anything a bureaucracy can dream up.