Conscience And Common Sense

May 5th, 2016

A Member (and Employee) Testimonial

Hi. I'm Christen Varley, Public Affairs Specialist for Liberty HealthShare. When people ask me what it is I do every day, I tell them I'm the luckiest person working here. I spend most of my days talking to people all over our country about healthcare sharing with Liberty HealthShare!

I get to speak with clergy, lay people, business owners, journalists, potential members, activists, attorneys, policy analysts, and sometimes even elected officials. I explain what healthcare sharing is, how it came into being, and how Liberty Health Share is helping people all over the country pay for medical costs in a community that cares about maintaining good health and pitching in to help others in times of need. My favorite part of any conversation, though, is telling them why I chose healthcare sharing for my own family.

I am a Christian who believes government cannot compel or coerce an individual to violate their conscience. I have spent years advocating for religious freedom at the state and federal level. I have watched as individuals, families, businesses, schools, churches, and charities have had to fight to preserve their freedom to live, act, give, and conduct business according to their faith. While many people win their battles, far too many lose.

I have witnessed the anguish in a person who is trying to understand why politicians are forcing them to do something they simply cannot do. I have prayed alongside people needing a miracle. I have had to tell people they have run out of options. Their fight is over, and they have a choice to make. Oftentimes, that choice is to close a business or stop operating a charity when the fines and legal fees prove too costly. And yet, during all of this, I kept writing checks to an insurance company every month, money that was being used to pay for medical services and procedures to which I am morally opposed.

I had a moment of clarity in late 2013. My insurer sent the forms needed to renew the health insurance policy for my family for the coming year. After the shock of seeing the monthly premium increase 70%, I decided to ask some questions. It took a few calls but I discovered that my insurer could not tell me accurately whether or not my policy was covering things such as abortion, in-vitro fertilization, and gender reassignment treatment or surgery. I did learn that our insurer covered a portion of the costs associated with these services and procedures in many other policies within their portfolio. Since money is fungible, I determined that the healthcare dollars I paid into that company were, in one way or another, paying for things to which I was morally opposed. Not knowing what I was going to do, I canceled the policy. I could not spend my days advocating for our rights to "opt out" while I wrote a check each month, confirming my "opt in."

The search was on! I had three months to figure something out. I had heard about healthcare sharing through clients and colleagues but was not sure that, as a Catholic, it would be available to me. After a few weeks reading through the websites of various ministries, I chose Liberty HealthShare. It has been a blessing ever since. Not only have our few medical expenses over these last several years been discounted, but our wellness visits have been shared at 100%. I also have the security of knowing that if a serious illness or injury does occur, my family's needs will be met. How do I know that? I see the sharing that happens every day.

I chose Liberty because of the common sense approach to sharing medical costs outside of the "system," the user-friendly technology, the ability to send messages to people I don't know but with whom I am sharing medical expenses, and because I am honoring my faith and principles every day with this choice. As an American who has spent most of her life advocating for less government and more liberty, I am honored to be a member of the Liberty HealthShare family, both as a Sharing Member and an employee. I found a safe harbor. I'm glad you did, too.

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