Congratulations HealthTrac Graduates

November 15th, 2021

Congratulations to our members who have completed their HealthTrac journey in October!  These members have taken steps to improve their health and well-being for themselves, their families, and the entire Liberty HealthShare community.

Working one-on-one with a personal HealthTrac coach, each member has followed a program to help them in one or more areas, including diabetes, smoking cessation, weight loss, hypertension, heart disease, or high cholesterol. These members have done the hard work over the long term to meet their goals.

Here’s some of what October’s graduates had to say about the program and their coaches:

“My health coach, Eileen, was always positive, encouraging and helpful.” Barbara S

“My health coach, Kevin, was very supportive. I can't thank him enough for his encouragement to reach a healthy and sustainable weight.” Craig W

“Thank you for all of your support. My life is so much better now.” Melvin L

“I brought my blood pressure down and greatly reduced my total cholesterol, my triglycerides and my blood sugar markers are back in normal range now!” Brad A

“Amy was a fabulous health coach!” Brinda M

“Thank you, Liberty HealthShare, not only sharing, but also caring.” Norman Y

“Thanks for your encouragement and informational assistance regarding my health!” Tim H

“I finally learned to shift my thinking from dieting to a lifestyle change!” Mary Jena T

“I have worked hard with my coach, so I’m very thankful for this accomplishment.”  Maria L   

“Thank you, Robin, for constantly encouraging me to be healthier.” Ida F

"I appreciate everyone at Liberty HealthShare so much! I've changed my eating, exercise and sleeping habits. Thank You so much, Liberty Health, for caring and helping me!" ❤️ Lora C

“Thanks for all the support in reaching my (health) goal.” Chris R

“Thank you for helping me achieve my (health) goals.”  Luci F

"My health coach, Amy, was very helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. It was a pleasure to work with her on attaining and maintaining my health goals.” Chris P


Barbara Schwindaman

Brad Aisa

Brinda Moore

Carla Hannin

Carol Kobylanski

Chris Portwood

Chris Raeker

Craig Wood

Dawn Balog

Eric Faulkner

Eric Price

Gene Douglas

Ida Fernandez

Jake Jensen

James Seal

James West

Jane Turner

Janet Urbanowicz

Jeff Palmucci

Jessica Evelsizer

Jim Kuphal

John Demboski

Karen Williams

Kenji Kuriyama

Laurie Flaum

Laurie Little

Lora Critser

Luci Florey

Luis Tineo

Margaretta Barley

Maria Lowry

Mark Mikesch

Mary Jena Turner

Melvin Lehmann

Michael Heneisen

Michael Pitman

Michele Schumacher

Norman Yoder

Richard Steven

Ted Shistle

Tim Harris

Tim Phillips

Tim Pickerel

Vernon Iwancin

Vickie Gray