Congratulations HealthTrac Members

August 17th, 2021

Congratulations to our members who have completed their HealthTrac journey in July!  

These members have taken steps to improve their health and well-being for themselves, their families, and the entire Liberty HealthShare community.

Working one-on-one with a personal HealthTrac coach, each member has followed a program to help them in one or more areas, including diabetes, smoking cessation, weight loss, hypertension, heart disease, or high cholesterol. These members have done the hard work over the long term to meet their goals.

Here’s some of what July’s graduates had to say about the program and their coaches:

 “Jenna was a great health coach to work with!” Brian S. 

 “When I first started HealthTrac, almost a year ago, I was definitely less than excited about it.  However, after working closely with Dana O., my health coach, I realized that this health journey was to benefit ME. Once I figured out what workouts were enjoyable, I began losing weight and felt healthier.  I've now lost 6 inches in my waist & 6 inches in my hips. I've dropped 36 lbs and I’m still enjoying my workouts and getting healthier daily! This program has been a win-win for me and my health! Thank You Liberty HealthShare!”  Elizabeth S.

“It was fun to work with Emily McLaughlin. I learned a lot about a a healthy diet.” Friedbert L.

“My coach, Sherrie, was a great help and encouragement.  I will miss talking with her!” Terri D. 

“The monthly approach of setting and refining goals with my health coach helped keep my progress steady. I truly appreciate the extra resources and info she sent. Overall, a super positive experience!” Noma W.

“Thank you for all the help!” Susan W.


Amy Schuchmann

Brian Stromwall

Dan Hoover

David Nutter

David Wheeler

Deborah L O’Brien

Elizabeth Smith

Friedbert Landkammer

Kelly head

Kris Anders

Mark Anders

Mark Schuchmann

Noma Walton

Richard Albritton

Sandra Soileau

Susan Wheatley

Terri Dunn

Wayne Burton

Winsel Love