Commitment To Excellence

October 22nd, 2018

Liberty HealthShare Family;

In our last newsletter, I shared thoughts about pursuing excellence at Liberty HealthShare. Every day we are moving toward a level of excellence that will set the standard for sharing ministries. We are determined to be the very best option for you and those you care about.

I am pleased to tell you that over the last several weeks we have taken additional steps toward the goal of processing bills within 3 days after receipt at Liberty. It is going to be a reality in the near term. We also have improved efficiencies and added headcount to ensure we are answering calls in a more timely manner. Thanks to improvements, when you call us, we will answer.

On occasion you reach out to me to provide feedback. Many times it is very positive feedback about a team member who provided excellent member care. Sometimes, it is feedback that I need to hear even though it wouldn’t be considered positive. However, it is important that we hear from you so that we can build on the successes, recognize those who are doing well, and improve in areas of deficiency. Thank you for sharing with us.

Every day I realize you have placed your faith and trust in the members of Liberty HealthShare; members all across the USA and likely members in your own community. It’s awesome to realize that it may be people in the same city helping to care for your medical expenses! It’s important to realize that it is other members who share your medical needs. When someone asks how you care for your medical expenses, it really isn’t Liberty who does it. It is the community of sharing members. The better choices we make in our healthcare expenses, the stronger the share power will be within our sharing community. Be cognizant of your medical expenses and choices, understanding that our community is truly sharing each other’s medical needs, including yours.

Every day I also realize that you have placed your faith and trust in Liberty HealthShare team to help facilitate the sharing dollars each month. You have placed your faith in us to help you navigate the medical expense world. It is important that we do a great job every day. It is important that we answer the phone for your questions, your pre-notifications, your case management, and many other things. Thanks for your faith and trust, and thank you for being a part of the sharing community!

Yours in Community;

Larry Foster