Celebrate National Family Health & Fitness Day

September 23rd, 2016

A sedentary lifestyle is now more the rule than the exception in our country. Not only are a huge portion of American jobs now accomplished from a seated position, but the reality is also that our downtime is dominated by a nearly unlimited number of indoor entertainment options that are constantly within arm's reach. This isn't just true for adults, either. Kids suffer from their own versions of these pitfalls and temptations, and they are a lot less likely to choose physical activity if they don't see it modeled by their parents.

Based on studies on child health, kids ought to be spending at least 60 minutes a day in physical activity. Parents too ought to be moving around and building strength, spending a minimum of several hours in physical activity throughout the week. If that sounds like a lot, consider that it takes one hour to watch an episode of your favorite show, and a couple of hours to watch a movie. Sure, everyone loves family movie night, but consider the possible gains in physical, mental, and emotional health for each member of your family if you turn off the TV (or put down the computer, tablet, or smart phone) and get moving!

If this is an area where you and your family could stand to improve, why not turn over a new leaf along with thousands of other families all over the nation? Tomorrow, Saturday, September 24th is National Family Health and Fitness Day. This annual event is observed the last Saturday of September each year in an effort to get families to engage in physical activity together. That sounds like as good a reason as any to make a change and get your blood pumping, all while spending quality time with your loved ones!

Here are some great ideas for family activities. Now get out there!