Make Today a Blessing for Someone

November 12th, 2020

If Jesus taught anything repeatedly, it was to serve others. Shortly before His death, Jesus went into an intense teaching mode with the disciples. It was like a cram session to make sure His followers understood the things that were important when they launched the church a few months later.

In John 13, Jesus knew that His hour had come to die and in this last Passover dinner with the disciples, He did the unthinkable. It was not unusual to have a hired servant wash the dirty sandaled feet of the guests. It was a sign of hospitality.

What Jesus was about to do next, nobody saw coming. He took off his outer garments and wrapped a towel around His waist. Then He knelt down in front of the disciples and washed 12 pairs of dust covered, dirty feet. It was an amazing act of selfless service.

Jesus taught us these things about serving others:

  • We are called to serve others, rather than ourselves
  • We are called to the position of humbleness
  • We honor God when we serve others with kindness
  • Jesus is our example of the way we should live and care for others 

 God has always used people with willing and loving hearts to serve others.

This holiday season, be intentional. Be proactive. Honor God’s love in your life by finding ways to love and serve others.

Here are practical ways that you can serve others:

  • Check on a neighbor
  • Offer to go to the store for an elderly friend
  • Call your local foodbank and provide needed items
  • Send a card of encouragement to someone in need
  • Ask your server how you can pray for them
  • Take dinner to a family in need
  • Take a walk and say hi to your neighbors
  • Call a family member or friend going through a difficult time
  • Listen to someone share their story
  • Bless others with a gift or skill you have
  • Donate to a ministry above your usual donation

Cultivate a servant’s heart and make today a blessing for someone around you!

Pastor Wes Humble, Executive Director of Ministry and Community Relations