Bill and Bonnie Stein Testimony

December 17th, 2019

Entrepreneurs Bonnie and Bill Stein first created Stein’s Honey about 18 years ago, starting with one beehive behind their home. The business continued to grow to the point that they couldn’t continue to hold full-time jobs, so Bonnie resigned from her position in the local school district and began working on the family business. 

 At that time, the Steins explored their healthcare options. 

 “With the traditional healthcare we had, we had different issues with it,” Bill said. “We had out-of-network problems and providers who would drop us.” 

The couple decided Liberty HealthShare would be a good fit for them due to the program cost and the ability to see the doctor or provider of their choice, so they became members. 

Recently, Bill had to have knee surgery. 

He admitted he was nervous about the surgery. He wasn't sure how everything was going to work out – not only physically, but financially as well. 

His fears were eased when Tom, a Liberty HealthShare Provider Relations Advocate, worked with Bill and his provider to help him get the knee surgery he needed, at a fair price. Provider Relations Advocates may come alongside members who have been approved for major surgery or treatment. 

“Navigating the healthcare system in general is scary enough,” Bonnie said. Having an advocate who was familiar with them and could speak to providers for them, while getting their payments down, was helpful. The Cleveland Clinic worked with Tom and the Steins to keep their costs down and make Bill’s surgery a success.