Before You Schedule a Surgery or Procedure

February 12th, 2021

Being a healthsharing member has unique experiences and responsibilities, including our sharing member’s commitment to protect our shared resources. If the time comes that you need medical treatment, such as surgery, it is essential that you know what steps you should first take to be active in your healthcare and navigating your healthcare costs.

Has your provider told you that you need surgery? Here’s what you can do to help make sure your surgery process at Liberty HealthShare is seamless for you and your sharing community.

What to do before scheduling your surgery,

Notify our prenotification department that it has been determined that you need surgery. Our prenotification team is here to help guide you. For your surgery expenses to be considered for community sharing, inpatient hospital stays and all outpatient surgeries should be prenotified. 

Submit a prenotification request online by downloading our Electronic Prenotification form and following the included instructions. If an urgent request is necessary, you can contact the prenotification department at 855-585-4237, option 4 and one of our nurse specialists will assist you with your need.

Before scheduling surgery, use our cost-savings program, Healthcare Bluebook. This tool helps healthsharing members compare the costs of their local providers, facilities and medical services. By using this tool before choosing where to schedule your surgery, you have the opportunity to save substantially through comparison shopping. The savings for our community from using this tool can be in the thousands for a single procedure!

Before receiving care, show your Liberty HealthShare ID card. You can explain that you do not have health insurance; instead, you are a self-pay patient and part of a healthsharing community where the members share into the medical costs of one another. Communicating with your provider and facilities is also very important to improving cost-transparency, which at times can be limited and confusing.

Ask your provider if they are willing to work with Liberty HealthShare directly. Many providers are willing to partner with us and send us their patient’s expenses directly. If your provider is willing to work with us, then we will communicate our pricing to your provider.

If your provider would rather you submit your own medical expenses, then identify yourself as a self-pay patient and ask for a self-pay discount prior to receiving any services. As a healthsharing member, you are considered a self-pay patient in the healthcare industry and you should always ask for self-pay discounts.

Commit to being a financially responsible steward of the shared amounts. Our members have limited resources and it is our goal to help make sure that our resources are available to help the most people. You can contribute to this by being proactive and involved in planning your surgery.

If you have any questions on the above process or where to get started, give us a call at 855-585-4237 and one of our team members will be happy to support you.