An Update On Aiden Corlew

April 10th, 2015

An Inspiring Little Boy Thrives In Difficult Circumstances

Many of our members are familiar with Aiden Corlew and have contributed to our "Help Save Aiden" Campaign. Recent progress reports have been good, and we want to share the news with you.

For those of you that are not familiar with his journey, Aiden is a little boy who suffers from a neurological disorder called Dandy-Walker Syndrome (DWS). DWS affects the area of the brain that coordinates movement, intellect, and other neurological functions. In Aiden’s case, DWS caused his brain not to operate the chewing reflex which is critical to his survival. This inability to chew and efficiently swallow has presented a life-threatening obstacle for Aiden since birth.

Liberty HealthShare, along with its members and partners, were able to raise $25,000 for Aiden to receive life-saving treatments which his insurance company repeatedly denied. We have been tracking Aiden's progress and just received a heartfelt update from Aiden's father, Ken Corlew.

"We wanted to give you and Liberty HealthShare an update on Aiden. It's been a long 5 months since we received Liberty's generous gift. Aiden was unable to start the feeding clinic right away due to personnel changes at the hospital. They lost two therapists and a social worker. We had to wait until those positions were filled. Needless to say, we were somewhat frustrated. Isn't it like our God to do things at just the right time? We so rarely see that during the process.

Aiden began the program last week. We are finishing up the second week of the 4-week program. The therapists, social workers, Cherrie, and I are all amazed at Aiden's progress. God knew that Aiden needed that extra time to mature before starting the process.

Everyone is amazed at Aiden's compliance and willingness to try new foods and textures. He is trying so many new foods. I don't want to make anyone think Aiden has totally changed. There are still challenges but everyone is in agreement that what is happening in his therapy is going far better than anticipated.

It is the belief of the therapists that Aiden should be able to eat and sustain normal growth through normal eating habits at the end of the 4 weeks. It is their belief and goal that Aiden will not need eating therapy again after this program.

Aiden can chew. Aiden can swallow. Those muscles are getting stronger. Aiden is moving food around in his mouth and is using his tongue to manipulate the food. Aiden may still need some occupational T=therapy and fine motor skill therapy to get "caught up," but everyone is encouraged!

God is good ALL THE TIME!

The GI [specialist] wants us to try going 3 - 6 months without using the PEG [percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube] for ANYTHING, including venting. If that can be done, they will consider removing the PEG.

We want to thank you again for responding to God's Leading. Through you, God is answering our prayers. You have been a tool that God has used to bring healing to our child. Thank you for your faithfulness. I hope you and the Liberty Healthshare Members will rejoice with us. " - Ken Corlew

Liberty HealthShare considers it a privilege to be a part of such an incredible story. Aiden will remain in our prayers as his progress continues.