An Opportunity To Help People

December 17th, 2017

Some Liberty HealthShare members interact with our staff on a regular basis, but some members have never submitted a bill or had any specific need that necessitates a phone conversation. If you're in the latter group, you may understandably feel a bit disconnected from us. You might even wonder whether we function like other larger organizations, where you are routed through automated attendants and multiple menus before you can even reach another human being.

Despite our rapid growth, we prioritize the human element here by emphasizing warm and personal interactions between our staff and members. We know we might be a bit biased, but we think the men and women who show up here every day to help our members are second to none. Rather than keep them to ourselves, today we're beginning an occasional series of "human interest" stories, profiling the great people who make up Liberty HealthShare.

Chris works in the Medical Expense department as one of our Medical Expense Call Auditors. Earlier this year, Chris was honored with the Mission Award during our All-Employee Summit. This award is given to the employee who, by a vote of his peers, best embodies Liberty’s mission, which is “We Make the Christian Tradition of Healthcare Sharing Available and Affordable for All.”

We recently caught up with Chris and learned a little more about him and his work.

How long have you worked for Liberty HealthShare? Almost a year and a half.

What industry did you work in before coming to Liberty? I was in car sales.

What made you think Liberty would be a good fit for you? I wanted the opportunity to help people. I was also looking for consistent pay. When you sell cars, some weeks and months are better than others.

What does a normal day look like for you? (laughs) When the call queue gets above 3 people, I jump in and help out with provider and member calls. I follow up with providers that are waiting on faxes and give information about how they will be paid or how bills will be processed.

I also do a lot of research for members. I often take time out and put together a spreadsheet for them (including dates, check numbers, etc.) so they know how to navigate their ShareBoxes and understand where money is going. I e-mail that and then call them to go over it in case they have any questions.

What is the best part of your job? It might sound corny, but I love helping people out. When a member is getting upset about their impression of what is going on, receiving the spreadsheet and understanding in greater detail helps them calm down rather quickly. It shows them that we're working to keep things straight, to help them, and to keep track of where funds are going. I get thank you e-mails quite often. I really think it's important to not only get members but also to retain them.

Are there any member stories that have impacted you or are a particularly proud moment for you? For the most part, since I treat each day and each inquiry as it’s own mystery, I’m very in the moment and don’t really remember individual interactions. Members see the genuineness of that even when they’re upset. I make sure never to talk at them, but rather with them. When I'm personable and can demonstrate that I'm listening, that calms them down. Then I’m able to get their issue resolved.

What was your reaction when you won the Mission Award? I was stunned. I had heard that a few people voted for me, but I voted for others. So many of my colleagues are just as, if not more, capable than I am.

What do you like to do in your spare time? Any hobbies or values that are a big part of your life? I think good health is important. I love martial arts. I used to play football and basketball. I really believe that when your body is functioning at an optimal level, everything else kind of falls in line. It's true that hurting people hurt people. On the flip side, when you’re healthy, you’re better able to help others.

For those of you who have had the privilege of speaking with some of our wonderful staff members, you already know they care deeply, going the extra mile for our members. We hope hearing from Chris helps you feel a little closer to us as we work on your behalf. As always, our staff is looking forward to having an opportunity to talk with you.