All In: Together We Are Creating a Stronger Community

June 12th, 2019

Liberty Community;

I speak to our leadership about the importance of being ‘all-in’ on a consistent basis.  It includes things such as owning our daily activities, actions, and attitudes.  As a leadership team, it is about owning the process of improving our sharing community experience.  We work hard every day to make the right choices and do the right daily activities to assure continuous improvement.

All of those choices and decisions are centered on improving our community and making Liberty better.  With that in mind, I made a recent decision to appoint a Chief Member Officer, whose focus is on giving you, our members, a great experience. The initial focus is to help lead the coordination of all of our IT resources, focusing on the continuous improvement of our systems, ShareBox and leading a dedicated member resolution team.

Some other initiatives focused on making your Liberty HealthShare better include:

  • I have implemented daily check-ins across the organization to ensure we are on track with all departmental goals
  • A new technical and financial audit of all systems and payments prior to sending to reduce the possibilities for error, striving to protect and even more accurately facilitate member share power.
  • Additional call center advocates have been added reducing queue times significantly.  The average daily results are under 3 minutes in queue.  On a higher call volume day, such as a Monday or Tuesday, it is still averaging between 4 and 5 minutes. 

We will continue to focus on the smooth facilitation of member medical needs.  I encourage you to remember that it is NOT Liberty who is paying your medical bills.  The members of your sharing community contribute to your medical needs.  That might be your neighbor, a teacher in your area, or a business person in another state.  When you are deciding on a provider, a facility, or a procedure, it is important to find quality care at a fair price for the good of your sharing community.

Thank you for your loyalty and commitment!

Pursuing Excellence,
Larry Foster