After All, It's Your Money!

June 13th, 2015

The mindset every member should have

Becoming a Liberty HealthShare member is a liberating step. You’ve abandoned bureaucratic models of paying for healthcare and embraced freedom. Your status as a self-pay patient sharing medical expenses with others of like mind allows you to access the best medical care available at the lowest cost possible. In addition, you have engaged the most powerful consumer weapon in healthcare: the self-pay patient! You have the twin advantage of a vast community sharing your costs while you watch over your own expenses as an individual patient. After all, it’s your money! And who better to watch over your money than you! This paradigm shift, once embraced, changes everything, keeping costs low and your healthcare options intact!

Here are some of the ingredients that go into forming and keeping this unique point of view:

Maintain a ‘take charge’ attitude with your personal health.

The care of our health is both a spiritual and a moral obligation. We are all created by God and we are stewards of our bodies. That means God has granted us the right and the responsibility to care for our own health. We are managers, or stewards, and not owners, of our bodies.

This is the driving force behind your health consciousness. Eat right. Exercise regularly. Be preventative and pro-active about your health. Sleep well. Take supplements. Make lifestyle choices that support good health!

That’s a core value of our sharing community and a driving force behind our “take charge” attitude about our healthcare.

Be engaged whenever you access care.

When you visit your doctor, don’t be passive. Be active! Ask questions. Examine the treatment plan and review the costs. Decide with your doctor which tests are truly necessary and which are not. As a self-pay patient, there is no "gatekeeper" deciding for you about what is allowed or not. It’s your care, your cost, your treatment. That is liberating!

By all means, access the care that you need, but remember, a major portion of healthcare costs today are incurred due to “defensive medicine.” Doctors are cautious about patient care and tend to order expensive and duplicate tests and procedures to protect against potential liability. Be sure and communicate that, as a self-pay patient, you are the decider. There are no bureaucratic middlemen deciding your care. It’s your health and your duty before God to care for it in the best way possible.

Secure the care of a trusted physician and engage them as a health consultant. It will change the relationship between doctor and patient dramatically.

Protect everyone’s share amount as your own.

The biggest flaw in the way our nation currently approaches healthcare costs is the third-party payment system. This is when someone else is paying the bill: an insurance company, an employer, the government. That system breeds a sense of entitlement and disconnection from costs. The tendency in that system is to treat healthcare costs as someone else’s money. The question, naturally is, “Why should I care what it costs? Someone else is paying for it!"

Health sharing means you are sharing in the actual cost of another member’s expenses. Your costs are shared by others and those same costs affect the group's monthly share amount. Maintain a cautious attitude about incurring expenses that are unnecessary or extravagant. After all, it’s not a faceless bureaucrat that pays your bills. The costs of your care ultimately come straight out of your pocket and the pockets of your fellow members!You’re in this together!

These are some of the main philosophical shifts our members undergo when leaving behind the traditional method of paying for healthcare and joining our unique model. We understand it may take some time, but you will see why and how this approach is effective for maintaining a population that is pursuing health and, as a result, keeping costs low across the board. Costs may not have seemed like a factor before, but as Liberty HealthShare members, we know they are. We're working hard to use our self-pay power to change healthcare for good!