"Affordable" Shouldn't Mean An Increase In Costs

March 16th, 2014

The Affordable Care Act boasts one specific feature: that it is "affordable" to Americans. Yet according to an article from the National Journal, an overwhelming majority of individuals have reported an increase in costs. ("Obama's Affordable Care Act Looking a Bit Unaffordable" National Journal, 2013)

In an article by the NY Post, the number of individuals who signed up for new healthcare plans is reported as approximately 2.8 million since the effective date of January 1st. That's less than the 3.3 million predicted by the federal government. Even more telling is the whopping 4.7 million insurance policies that have been canceled since the ACA was rolled out. ("Obamacare's four biggest lies" NY Post, 2014)

The good news for Liberty HealthShare members? Signing up for a healthcare sharing ministry means not having to worry about government mandated healthcare.

According to recent news reports, the Department of Health and Human Services has imposed a March 31st deadline for all Americans to acquire health insurance or an exemption from the fines through an approved healthcare sharing ministry. Apart from a qualifying event, those who miss the deadline will be shutout until January of next year. ("Obamacare deadlines clarified" CNN Money, 2013)

Tell your friends and neighbors to delay no longer. Wouldn't you hate to see your loved ones penalized for waiting?

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