Advantages of a Health-Conscious Community

March 15th, 2021

Members of Liberty HealthShare commit to caring for their health responsibly, and this decision supports our core values of stewarding our resources. By properly caring for ourselves, we can better care for our lives, families, and our healthsharing community.

Our ability to share one another's medical expenses is dependent on the overall health of our community. When you choose to partake in healthy lifestyle habits, you contribute to our healthsharing community and support your fellow members by protecting our SharePower. Annual check-ups and being mindful of receiving preventative healthcare helps to lower our community's overall medical expenses.

Our members support one another as they understand that everyone's actions impact the ministry and our collective resources, including our sharing timelines.

There are many ways you can contribute to your community.

Prioritize healthy living. No one has a perfect routine, and that shouldn't be your goal. But you can develop a healthy routine and habits that allow you to prioritize healthy living. Start by making small, daily decisions that support your health; this means eating whole foods, drinking water and adding exercise into your day. Individuals who prioritize living a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of illness and disease.

Don't delay preventative care. It is vital that you receive regular, preventive care. Through assessments and preventative screenings, you'll be informed of your current health and the steps you need to take to improve your health. Early detection allows your health provider to ensure that you receive the most helpful and cost-effective treatment if needed.

Receive support to help you on your journey. When you are a part of a healthsharing community, you aren't alone. You have a group of like-minded people who will support you, offering you encouragement and resources to reach your goals. Our members are active participants. Members of our HealthTrac community are committed to take action to improve their health, which reduces health costs for all. Any Liberty HealthShare member can join our HealthTrac program and receive monthly coaching, resources, and tools to support their health. 

By tending to your health within a health-conscious community, you will become better equipped to care for your health and healthcare costs.