A Wonderful Gift And Calling

August 23rd, 2018

It is our privilege to welcome Wesley Humble to Liberty HealthShare and to our Human Interest blog series! Wes was recently hired as the Executive Director of Ministry and Community Relations. This position is new for our organization, and we are excited to see how God uses Wes to continue to help our employees and greater member community grow in grace. Even in the few weeks since he was brought on, he has gained a reputation as an honest and compassionate encourager with a pastor's heart.

Wes has served in ministry for 31 years. He pastored churches in Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. For seven years he served as Director of Communications for the Churches of Christ in Christian Union. He was the office editor of the Evangelical Advocate and the Holiness Digest. He also worked at Ohio Christian University as Director of Institutional Advancement. While serving in these administrative roles, he spent much of his time traveling and speaking at churches and camps throughout the United States. Just prior to coming to Liberty, he served at the Licking County Sheriff’s Office as Grants, Special Duty, and Social Media Administrator as well as Chaplain.

We hope you enjoy getting to know Wes as much as we have!

How long have you worked for Liberty HealthShare?

Six weeks.

What made you think Liberty would be a good fit for you?

The opportunity to bring pastoral care to people is a wonderful gift. It is a calling that one doesn’t walk away from very easily. I am very thankful to be able to lead the way in responding to the spiritual needs of our employees and Liberty HealthShare Members.

What does a normal day look like for you?

Two days a week I am in Canton, Ohio for team meetings and to meet with individuals as needed. I have prayed with people in person and over the phone, listened to them describe their needs, and in some cases, made recommendations for further help and care. I also prepare devotional material that is sent out to different levels of management.

What is the best part of your job?

I just got back to my office from visiting one of our team members and her new son. I was able to pray with her and she said I was the fifth person from Liberty to come and see her. This week I spent an hour with the demographics people in the Information Technology department and walked away with a much better understanding of just how many members and families we will have a chance to reach out to with faith-based messages.

We look forward to welcoming Wes into a greater role in content development, especially through weekly encouragement posts for members. His ministry experiencce and his love for others make him an incredible asset to the Liberty HealthShare community. Welcome to the team, Wes!