A Message from Our CEO

September 13th, 2019
Sharing Community

Liberty Members;

I’d like to start by telling you how much I appreciate the Liberty sharing community and that I recognize we wouldn’t be where we are without each one of your families.  You have been constant in your belief in the health sharing model.  Through growth, transition, and change, this sharing community has been consistent in supporting one another and the ministry.

We have made significant strides over the last three months in pushing through the technical problems caused by the software transition in February and March.  Many of you are seeing the results of this as medical needs are shared and some older needs locked in transition have been shared or are being shared this month.

Some of the highlights I want to share are new things and some reminders of what has been implemented:

  1. In the last two months, the sharing community has contributed $95 million to medical needs.  We have been able to work through the system issues and the great news is that all sharing dollars received in 2019 through August have been shared - $256 million! 

  2. We are increasing our member advocate staff thirty percent which will decrease wait times and improve member experience.

  3. We have increased training to two full weeks for new member advocates so they are better able to assist our members.

  4. We have invested in new phone technology that will greatly increase our call center efficiencies.

  5. We have identified all medical needs and are sharing those that were caught in the system.  A small number of needs that we identified from 2018 and first quarter of 2019 have been shared, or are being shared in September.  If you have a medical need from 2018 or First Qtr. 2019 and it is not shared in September, please contact our Member Resolution team at memberresolution@libertyhealthshare.org. This is the quickest route to making us aware of a past need and moving it forward. Again, this is ONLY for needs from 2018 or through March 2019 that you need us to review if it is NOT shared in September

  6. In September, we expect to share all remaining items in transition through May.  If you are waiting for an eligible need from the transition period, this is the month we expect to share into your needs.  We also expect to share most all of June and into July, in the month of September. 

We continue to answer our members’ calls and share medical needs every day!  With the help of new IT leadership and additional resources in that department, we have made great progress. 

Thank you for being a Liberty member!