A Member's ID Card Experience

June 6th, 2014

Maryann Fitzpatrick recently shared her experience with submitting her Liberty HealthShare member ID card at a provider's office. Here are excerpts from her Facebook post:

I used my membership card for the first time today, first at my new primary, and later at a specialist he referred me to. Neither office was familiar with the concept (of healthcare sharing), but both were intrigued. I brought copies of pgs 147-148 of the PPACA (Affordable Care Act) to show where healthcare sharing ministries were specifically exempt from Obamacare. I also brought some pages I printed off the website explaining how it works, and that great interview with Dr. Elaina George from the May newsletter.

At both offices, the staff and doctors were very interested in learning more, and both accepted my card with no problem. The lady from billing at the specialist's office asked a few questions and said, "I like this idea. I'm willing to give it a shot!"

My new primary, who was never available to me on previous insurance networks, is contemplating signing up his family. With four children, he and his wife are not happy with their current options. Like me, all they ever wanted was a catastrophic plan, in order to keep costs down.

So my biggest fear - that no one would want to accept my card - was completely unfounded, and I may have gotten us a few new members as well.

Thanks, Liberty HealthShare!

In a later post, Maryann had this to add:

I have been posting info about healthcare sharing ministries and Liberty HealthShare for months. I put a post similar to this on my wall for all people who liked the concept but were afraid their card wouldn’t be accepted. Now I am proof that their concerns were unfounded. Will every medical practice accept it? No. I did go to an urgent care in March and they practically tossed the card back to me saying they wouldn’t accept it. No problem.

That was the reason I was so prepared for my doctor visit. This is a new concept around here, but I get the impression that people in the profession are desperate for some relief from the gov’t intrusion and more than willing to try an alternative. As time goes on and more doctors have good experiences with it, I think the word will travel and it will only get easier.

Thanks for your service and support Maryann. We are a stronger community because of you.

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