A Happy Ending After a Nasty Fall

April 3rd, 2016

When Peggy Sofran first heard of Liberty HealthShare, she was unsure how it would work. However, following an incident that left her with a fractured shoulder, Sofran was grateful she had become a member.

While ice-skating at her granddaughter’s 7th birthday party, Sofran took a tumble face-first onto the ice. The fall caused her arm from her shoulder to her elbow to turn black and blue. Sofran recounts, “It all happened so fast, I didn’t even let go of my granddaughter’s hand. Both of my hands were in the air and I came down. I hit my left knee, my chest, and my shoulders.”

Her doctor confirmed that she had fractured her shoulder. After years of using traditional insurance, she was nervous the first time she handed her Liberty HealthShare card to her doctor’s receptionist. “I was wondering what would happen once I used the card. I explained to the nurse how it worked and she took down the information on the card", said Sofran.

Although the function of a health sharing plan was new to the nurse, she sent it to the billing department for processing without any hesitation. "They didn’t have a problem taking it at all; I thought ‘Oh wow, this is nice!,’” she said. After Sofran's second visit, her experience was even better. She went in for another x-ray and handed the card to the nurse who took it and gave her everything she needed for her procedure, without any questions.

Sofran exclaimed, “It was so easy, and the perfect experience. I couldn’t have asked for things to have gone smoother! My bills have been shared by the members and the doctors are paid. Thank you, Liberty HealthShare!”

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