A Grateful Member Thanks Fellow Members

September 7th, 2016

At Liberty HealthShare, our mission of facilitating the sharing of members’ medical expenses is serious business. When we are serving a member who has experienced an illness or accident requiring ongoing medical care, we want to be a safe place in the storm. For this reason, our team members encourage one another to remember that a member in distress is a person in need; a person our ministry exists to serve. It makes us proud to get feedback that lets us know our team is serving members well.

Jill Z-family-smiling.png

Jill Z. from Florida sent us the following:

I am writing because I feel compelled to send a very large THANK YOU to all of Liberty HealthShare. It is such a joy to be part of a group like this. When I joined, I just wasn't sure what it would be like. But as time goes on, I find more and more reasons that I LOVE it. Every time I call, I am treated like a real person by a real person.

Things were going on good with us until June of this year. My husband, who is an extremely healthy person, suddenly had swollen legs and then a heart attack. It was such a shock. After taking care of him my next thought was "Oh no, I don't want to burden Liberty with all this expense." Then a week later, my daughter had an accident which included another hospital visit and a variety of doctors and treatments after the fact. I called Liberty on the phone to APOLOGIZE for our situations and I couldn't hold back the tears. The woman I spoke to was so caring and she assured me that you are there for just a time like this in people's lives.

I cannot tell you how GRATEFUL we are. It makes me want to do everything in my power to keep healthy, first of all, and to keep our medical expenses as low as possible for both of our sakes. I have been able to negotiate with some of my providers. I just know that God has made a way for us when the cost of healthcare was too unaffordable. It turns out we just needed people who care. I want to get to the point where our member account shows that we are BLESSING YOU AND OTHERS more than you are blessing us. We will get there. We have always been a healthy family.

Thank you, thank you, and may God richly bless Liberty HealthShare and all of you that work so hard to keep it personal and inexpensive, to the Glory of God. I pray that He will fill you with wisdom and new ideas to keep this ministry moving forward as He would have you do it. I will always bless and hold you in my prayers.

Thank you, Jill, for the sincere letter! Our team members work hard every day to be a source of information, service, and compassion.

We shared Jill’s letter with our team and wanted our members to see it as well. We are ALL participating in caring for and sharing with Jill’s family. Thank you for being a member of Liberty HealthShare. Together, we ARE changing healthcare...for good.